Tuesday, July 27, 2010

El Fantasma de la Opera

Thanks to my PHantastic inherited MP3 player (creative zens are great) I can now listen to my POTO collection on the go and review some soundtracks for this blog. So the first soundtrack I am reviewing is the Mexican cast recording of ALWs Phantom of the Opera - El Fantasma de la Opera. This soundtrack is available on amazon for less then $10 - a great steal for a PHenomenal soundtrack.

This soundtrack is more like the highlights version of Phantom of the Opera - covering only about half the songs/scenes from the show - unlike the double disc OLC which covers almost the entire show.

The orchestra for this soundtrack is amazingly strong - the music from this show touches me deep into my core - but the orchestra has done a superb job for this soundtrack - leaving the music to affect me even more so.

Juan Navarro sings the part of the Phantom - he does a wonderful job - his voice is very melodic at the appropriate times - yet he is able to sound like a tyrant when he needs too.

Irasema Terrazas sings Christine - she is wonderful - her voice reaches the appropriate range that it should for Christine.

This soundtrack is worth it for any Phan's collection - I have impressed a few of my Spanish friends with this - even making them copies of the soundtrack.