Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Phantom Las Vegas to come to an end

Sad horrible news today in phantom land. I received a tip from another Phan about The Las Vegas Production closing. I quickly verified the information and was dismayed to find out that is in fact true. The Phantom production in Las Vegas will end it's run on September 2.

I thought the production would be around for more time, apparently it isn't doing so well with the economic times and if they don't close they are going to sacrifice the quality of the production. So dear Las Vegas Phantom, I'm very sad to hear this news and I'm sure many other phans are with me. You've had a great run and we'll all be sorry to see you leave the Venetian.

Friday, January 6, 2012

January 2012 Sexy Phantom!

It's the New Year! What better way to start it then with the first sexy phantom of the year! This month's Sexy Phantom is Jeremy Stolle.

Mr. Stolle before he's the phantom

I picked Jeremy Stolle because my best Christmas present (from Shawn) has gotten me thinking about the phan gathering last September. A bunch of us phans got to see Jeremy perform the role of the phantom. I can't wait for the 10,000th performance and to see a few of the phans again, since I was getting nostalgic while picking a sexy phantom I decided Mr. Stolle was the right choice for this month.

I couldn't find a shot of him in the role but I found this twitter shot of him getting into make up!