Saturday, July 16, 2011

Phantom #44 Review - July 15, 2011 Majestic Theatre and this blog writer's surprise proposal

Last night I had the fortunate luck of seeing Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre for my 44th time. Shawn was at a loss for my birthday present and asked me if I wanted phantom tickets, of course I could never refuse a set of phantom tickets (especially from my new fiancee) so we went to the show. We didn't get autographs this time, we plan on attending a phan gathering in September so I figured we'd save the meet and greet the cast again for the phan gathering.

There were a few new cast members we saw last night in addition to some familiar ones, every single actor was absolutely spectacular for this performance. Hugh Panaro as always did a wonderful job in the role of the phantom. Every time I see him he performs the role a little differently and seems to get better and better. Last night he was very gesterful with his hands, he bought out the monstrous side of the phantom but also made you feel the sadness and the pain of his character as well. Sara Jean Ford was an awesome Christine opposite Hugh. You could feel the tensed up chemistry between their two characters.

Kyle Barisich played the role of Raoul. He was good but didn't really stand out to me...then again Raoul is a character I prefer to conveniently forget about. Michelle McConnell was Carlotta she played an utmost excellent diva. Jessica Bishop played Meg she was also very wonderful in her role.

After the performance was over and the security guard was trying to chase every one out of the theatre, Shawn took me toward the front of the stage by the Orchestra pit. I thought we were going to be kicked out too but the security guard knew something I did not. Shawn said he had a question for me and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes faster than I'd ever down a cup of coffee then he took out the ring which for some reason I thought he might not have but I didn't care. We hugged, we kissed the orchestra clapped for us and Shawn gave me the dream proposal of a phantom phan.

So for now this newly engaged phan is signing off until it's either time to pick a sexy phantom for the month or I have another review, or something very incredible to report regarding POTO!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July's Sexy Phantom! 2011

Imagine the possibility of waking up to this grin in the morning...if you're a single horny phan may you have the most pleasant fantasy of this dream come true occurring. 
January, June and July! For me these three months are favorite phantom months. January because phantom made it's broadway premiere at the end of January on January 26, 1988, June because it is my phaniversary and July because it's my birthday and I've seen the show a few different years on my birthday because how else would a phantom phan celebrate the day! This year for the month of July may all of us who are attracted to the phantom drool over my sexy phantom pick TIM MARTIN GLEASON! He's one of the phantoms to play both Raoul and the phantom, of course unless you're a Raoul lover he looks a million times better when he's in phantom garb.
Tim Martin Gleason unmasked with Trista Moldovan and Kelly Jeanne Grant, this was closing night at the Pantages Theater October 31, 2010