Friday, May 18, 2012

Contest Fail!

Well readers! I'm not even sending this post out through mass e-mail, the contest attempt was a massive flop. I had no one enter. If anyone is interested in any possible contests in the future please give me some feedback, let me know what kind of contest you might like to have and what kind of prizes you might want to have given away. If there's no feedback, I won't try the contest thing again I'll just post monthly sexy phantoms, reviews and some news here and there as I have been doing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PHirst Contest Ever!

The Phantom of the Opera Royal Albert Hall 25th Anniversary Concert and Love Never Dies (Why was this even an idea in the first place?!?) will return to the big celluloid movie screens, supposedly this is the final time (we'll see what happens in a few more months Mr. Webber may want more money).

Click here for event details!

The masked man on the big screen for a $0 price tag! 

So now for the contest part! I received an e-mail about the event with the promise of free tickets for three contest winners if I created a contest and plugged the event in this blog. Since I haven't done a contest with this blog before, I thought I'd try it out, after all this blog is a mish mosh of all things phantom that I decide to post about, why not try the contest thing.

I need to have winners by Friday, May 18, 2012 so sadly there's not much time for this contest. If this goes well I promise you any other contests I create will have a longer time frame, as long as it's within my control.

So here it is PHolks, I was going to play name that phantom but I decided to save it for the future. For this PHirst contest, please choose a character from Phantom of the Opera in any incarnation (i.e. book, phan phiction, movie, play) and write me a paragraph or two about what you would do if you could spend a day with this character. Tell me why you chose this character. Anyone who chooses to spend the day with Raoul won't win (just throwing it out there!). You might want to chose him though because you won't want to see LND on the big screen (in that case I'd chose him too).

Please e-mail me your entry at Please make it as short as you can in case I have a lot of entries to sift through since I have to pick some winners in a limited time frame. I'll announce the winners on Friday Evening in a follow up entry. I'll notify the contest representative by Friday morning or afternoon, and if all goes well this person isn't lying to me and you'll get some movie tickets in the mail. Three winners will be chosen. I'll also need your address when you e-mail me your entry, if you are a winner I need to send your address by e-mail to the representative so you can get your free tickets.

Hope this goes well, contests are kind of PHun!

For the love of God FREE is the only way I'll see this thing!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sexy Phantom May 2012

He's so hot, he's smoking! 

The weather's getting warmer....sort let's heat up the month before summer officially starts with this month's Sexy Phantom.

Mr. Crivello without his mask on!

This month's sexy Phantom is Anthony Crivello the Las Vegas Phantom! Sadly the Vegas production is closing soon, so I thought Mr. Crivello should have the title while the production is still on. Plus I hope to somehow be able to go to Vegas to see this before it closes. Maybe Shawn and I can arrange something. 

Donning the gear of the best character ever created in literature (because Erik first originated in book form thanks to Gaston Leroux) 

Love Never Dies Soundtrack Deluxe Edition - REVIEW

So I rented the deluxe edition of the LND soundtrack from the library...WHY?!? Apparently I like to torture myself. So I'm not really listening to the music, I made that mistake once only in my life. I do confess I'm probably going to rip the music onto my computer (my laptop might crash from doing this). 

I was curious to see the DVD that came with the soundtrack. I just wanted to see ALW blubber like an idiot about this new work he's so proud of. The best thing about this DVD is Ramin (but I don't like how he toots his own horn). The worst thing about this DVD, ALW and the occasional snippets of LND music. Enough said...or written. 

 Shawn didn't realize the music was this bad because the first time he heard it was on this DVD. My advice. See this crap for free, don't pay for it. Rent it from the library, take it from a disappointed phantom phan who regrets their decision of buying it, look through someone's trash bag....I'm sure a few copies may have made it to the garbage, possibly in one piece. 

Okay enough trashing LND for now....I'll save the worst bite for when I finally get to see the DVD (which I'm also not paying for!)