Friday, June 8, 2012

Sexy Phantom June 2012

You can obviously tell by the name under the photo who this month's sexy phantom is! 
I feel like such a slacker phan, a very bad phan! Today is my phaniversary, I've been a phan for 18 years now. I knew it was coming up but I've been so busy that I didn't really make any little official plans of celebrating. I was also holding off on deciding who June's Sexy Phantom would be for the month.

Today I got into work, glanced at the calendar and realized my phaniversary was here! And I had nothing special or cool planned to do. NOTHING! Not even goodies for my co-workers which I bought in last year to celebrate the occasion. No plans to do anything later. Didn't wear my phantom of the opera earrings to work today :( I was very dissapointed in myself.

So now I'm working hard to create impromptu little things to do in order to celebrate today. I decided the first thing I'd do is pick a sexy phantom. When I'm driving home in my car later I'll listen to one of the many phantom of the opera soundtracks I own. I didn't think of anything else yet to do besides maybe watching one of my DVDs later.

So now that I'm done rambling about my semi-fail phaniversary this year let me finally present to you June's Sexy Phantom. The Sexy Phantom for this month is Jeff Keller. I actually chose Jeff Keller because he was the phantom that I saw on this date, 18 years ago at 2 PM in the afternoon. Tracy Shane was Christine. I'm really happy I found the above picture, Jeff Keller is known more for his performance of one of the theatre managers but I do remember his name in the program and first playbill I received when I went to see the show for the first time. So cheers Mr. Keller! You christened me into the phandom with your performance of the phantom!

Mr. Keller unmasked