Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sexy Phantom December 2012

It's December! It's that magical time of the year, the holidays and the end of the year are upon us....maybe even the end of the world (although I really hope not because phantom has to officially have 25 years on Broadway). As a holiday present to phans every year I picked Anthony Warlow as the sexy phantom. This was yet another suggestion from Jen Lau :)

The thing I love most about Mr. Warlow is his baldness. I'm being serious. I'm a weird chick and I actually find bald men to be very attractive. A small part of the reason as to why I married Shawn. So he's a sexy phantom that reminds me of my husband because they are both bald to me it's a double win!

One last virtual gift as I close this entry. A photo of MC decked up for Christmas courtesy of Sally Scheef!