Monday, January 28, 2013

25th anniversary NYC performance recap!

Before the performance with 2 other phans
As you know from a few previous entries prior to this one, luckily I was able to buy a ticket to the 25th anniversary performance of Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic. For this entry I'm not really doing a review, just a recap of some of the memorable moments from the evening. I saw the show Friday night for performance number 49, the cast was the same so there would be no point in a repetitious review. Also I was pretty exhausted and can't fairly review anything due to the fact that my brain was slowly turning into a bunch of sleep deprived mush.

I got pretty crappy photos of Cameron Mackintosh this was one of the better ones.

One of my local phan phriends thought that the press would be outside of the majestic theatre before the performance started. Unfortunately because it was pretty damn freezing out the press was already stationed inside of the theatre before any of the ticket holders were let inside of the building. So we just took pictures and hung outside of the theatre and were on line to the be one of the first people to enter the theatre. When we got in Sir Cameron Mackintosh was still talking to the press, my friend and I ran forward with our cameras. She's shorter then me so she got better photos, I'm sure if I wasn't too lazy to go into photoshop and crop my photos I would have one or two decent ones of him. 

projection screen before the show started
When we were inside the theatre I said hello to other phans I know and ended up trading my ticket with another phan. He looked very bummed to be sitting in the last row (he got a hold of a contest ticket). YES! The RUG stuck all the contest winners in the mezz section, of course they'd do that! But at least a lot of us got to see the show. Since Shawn didn't want to see the show again with me because he would have went through phantom burn out after seeing it on Friday and I was sitting alone I offered to trade tickets with my buddy. He gleefully took my ticket with thanks, I actually didn't mind the last row except when I was photographing but it wasn't terrible with the use of my zoom lens. 

I love the chandelier it's one of the many things I love about this show
Before the show began there was a pre-show projection. A few sound and visual clips were put together and the audience enthusiastically received and watched the pre-show. The pre-show was followed by a brief respite as the stage was set for the legendary performance to begin! 

Hal Prince and Cameron Mackintosh the ant version

The performance was terrific! As I said before since it was the same cast as Friday night I'm not going to give any opinions about the actors. The actors were on fire though they were definitely putting their all into this show. 

Sarah Brightman the ant version
At the conclusion of the performance Hal Prince and Sir Cameron Mackintosh came out to speak to the audience. They were both very nice and thanked everyone who had anything to do with the show for making it special. Sadly absent were Michael Crawford, Gillian Lynne and the late Maria Bjornson. Not so sadly absent was Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

Sarah Brightman the brightly lit ant version
Once everyone major had made some speeches the audience was given a special encore of the title song and MOTN. Hugh Panaro, Peter Joback, Ramin Karimloo and John Owen Jones sang with Sierra Bogess. As another phan said although I did enjoy to have the chance to hear these three other phantoms sing I would have liked to have seen previous Broadway phantoms. Another added note not stolen from another phan I would have also liked different previous Broadway Christines. 

the chandelier and the projection screen

When the encore finished the chandelier was brought down again halfway and then gold streamers flew out of the chandelier. It was dazzling! After the performance I hung around for a short period of time to greet some phans from out of town until the staff of the Majestic started flickering lights to kick everyone out. I said goodbye to whoever I saw, the outside of the Majestic Theatre felt like New Year's Eve Phantom Style and then I hurried my sad exhausted ass back to Penn Station and fell asleep like a bum on the train dreaming about the events I just witnessed! 

Sierra with the phantom quartet

Sierra and Hugh <3 nbsp="" td="">

John Owen Jones can you be the next phantom? 

One more after thought note - It has been announced that Peter Joback will have a brief run in NY as the phantom. I will be curious to see him and review the show, also it will be nice to see a different phantom most of the time I've seen Howard and Hugh.

Ramin and Hugh

The chandelier after throwing up some gold streamers

The chandelier, projection screen and curtain at the conclusion of all the excitement!