Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Phantom of the Opera #50 REVIEW + Sexy phantom retirement news

Nothing like a review of a show 3 weeks after seeing it!

On August 24, 2013 @ 2 PM I saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway for my 50th time. Peter Joback was the phantom (it was his second to last performance in the role before leaving Broadway), Marni Raab was Christine and Kyle Barisich was Raoul.

I've reviewed other performances since I began writing and publishing my phantom blog but honestly I'm not the best judge of acting. That's probably why I didn't succeed when I took one year of drama during my first year of college. I'm just noting this because people might disagree with my opinion and although I am a fan of phantom I'm not the best judge on an actor's singing or acting ability. Also everyone has their own opinions some people love certain actors but hate other ones. That said let's move on to a few thoughts about the show.

Peter Joback has been quite the controversy on Broadway when he took the role. Some phans loved him, others weren't so impressed with him when he came on the phantom scene. I think his voice was a little too high pitched for phantom he sounded more like a cartoon character not the legendary singer that the phantom is supposed to be. His acting was okay and I wouldn't say he was an awful phantom, overall he was decent.

I have seen Maarni Raab and Kyle Barisich before so I don't really have any new thoughts about them.

I was very impressed with Ellen Harvey as Mme. Giry. I'm not sure if I've seen her before but she pulled off the role of Mme. Giry very nicely in my opinion. She was powerful when she needed to be, slightly frightened and formidable when she needed to be.

I also really dug Carlotta's Masquerade costume. I never paid attention to it before because I'm always too busy oogling Christine's star princess costume. 

Those are my few and random thoughts on performance #50, maybe this year I'll be lucky enough to get to see performance #51, we'll see.

Now for some semi-sad news. I'm retiring my sexy phantom feature. I might bring it back in the future but I missed the posting for August and I've been finding myself grasping at which phantoms to chose for each month. I feel for the time being it makes sense to retire this feature.

That's it for this terribly written blog entry might I bring you something more entertaining in the future!