Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dressing up as The Phantom of the Opera

It's that time of the year again...Halloween is fast approaching...for many of us PHans this means an excuse to dress up as the phantom....not that we don't do it anyway sometimes. So this entry is going to be filled with tips and resources on how to dress up as the phantom.

Here's my way: Of course I've dressed up in the past as the phantom - quite a few times. My way was pretty simple and cost effective. I bought a cape from the Halloween store for under $20, as well as a mask that I found in the Halloween store (most Halloween stores feature phantom masks at reasonable prices). I had a top hat from the Halloween store as well instead of a Fedora. Usually I used a pair of black pants I already owned, any white shirt I may have had and a black sweater or black suit jacket that I borrowed from my father. For shoes I've always gone with a pair of black boots I may have owned or black shoes I had that looked similar to a pair of men's shoes. One year for a costume party I went as far as tragically scarring my face hoping it would win the costume party - it did not :( For the tragic scarring I just used make up - lipsticks, eyeliner, blush and eyeshadow - I took brown, reds and pinks and just placed slashed marks all over to create an effect of disfigurement. Since I'm female and have had long hair mostly my whole life (except for a brief period in college - where I insisted on having it extremely short) I just place my hair in a ponytail and sometimes use gel or mousse to slick it back. There ya go folks that's the Diana Brewster Phantom of the Opera.

Now for other options, helpful hints resources etc.
*Obviously google is a good choice searching for how to dress up as the phantom of the opera, or for phantom of the opera costumes will provide you with many hits and choices.

Wiki Hows helpful hints's idea for the phantom

You may want to check on phantom of the opera message boards you might know about, other phans may have suggestions as well for you, my favorite message board is 

Where to buy Phantom of the Opera Gear for costumes: 

You can buy phantom of the Opera gear from any Halloween store that's local to you, you can also use e-bay - use the search term : Phantom of the Opera Costumes or even Amazon there are links to some phantom costume items from amazon below. For clothing you can talk to someone you know that does sewing to create clothing (especially if you would like to opt for a Christine costume instead of the Phantom) you can go with what you own, check costume shops, or hunt clothing and department stores to see what you could come up with.