Thursday, October 7, 2010

Phantom and PHood

Today is a lovely day!!! This morning while making a quick batch of pancakes before work, I was struck with the inspiration to create a phantom of the opera pancake - which I did. It is also my close PHan PHriend Janette's birthday - Happy Birthday Janette!!! She has had a phantom of the opera cake created in honor of her birthday by her friend Gerri. So inspiration has struck and I am creating an entry devoted to Phantom of the Opera and PHood. Mostly phantom of the opera cakes though.

To see a bunch of lovely images you can do a google search for phantom of the opera cakes - there are so many to see, apparently this is a popular idea.

There is also something I found through google called Phantom Gourmet - seems worth checking out just for the logo if you are a phan.

If you're looking to get a phan cake done, Janette's friend Geri does an excellent job!!!

Now to finish off the entry with a few images of phan cakes, including my phantom pancake :) 

One of the random POTO cakes found on a google search

I think this cake was from a celebration for ALWs Phantom but I have to double check my information

This is Janette's POTO Birthday Cake :)

This another Phan's Birthday Cake :)

This is my phantom pancake :)