Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas gift ideas for the PHan in your life!

The holidays are among us again. Are you wondering what kind of phantom goodies to ask for if you're a PHan? Or what you can get that special PHan in your life (whether they're your partner or relative). I've decided to put together a small holiday gift guide for PHans and PHan lovers everywhere!!!

Tickets are always a great idea for the Phan in your life. We do not mind repeatedly seeing Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical over and over again, and we don't mind tickets to special phantom events in our area, if you know of any. Just DO NOT buy us a ticket to Love Never Dies unless you wish to risk our fear and loathing.

You can get tickets through the show's official website (which seems to be down at the time of this blog entry), or you can hunt around for discount ticket offers, around this time of year newspapers generally offer sale advertisements for tickets as well.

I am a lover of books and also a PHan, I'm sure there are many phans out there like me, the books will be my most comprehensive ideas for gifts as I'm including a few common books that PHans must have as well as my personal wish list of Phantom books I'd like to receive. 

  The Phantom of the Opera: Pop-Up Book 

The PHan in  your life will always appreciate a phantom movie. We like to have a collection of PHilms available in case we are in need of an emergency fix or in case we crave seeing a certain phantom on our TV. Three common films are the 2004 musical, the 1925 Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney and the 1990 Phantom with Charles Dance. 

What Phan doesn't want a soundtrack from the show, even if they have it generally they will gladly take another one. Three good soundtracks IMO are the original OLC, The Mexican Cast Recording and the Y/K Phantom.

Music boxes, Ornaments and other unique PHan gifts
A few years ago there was a company making Phantom of the Opera music boxes, the San Francisco Music box Company. Carlton Cards has also made Phantom of the Opera Christmas Ornaments. The music box company has gone out of business and I'm not sure if Carlton Cards sells ornaments from previous years. But you can always find these music boxes through e-bay, if you use Phantom of the Opera as a search term you can yield a search for many unique Phan gifts.