Friday, November 26, 2010

Phantom ABCs

One of my friends posted something about ABCs and technology so it has inspired me to create Phantom ABCs, this is how PHans teach kids the alphabet. I had to stretch a few letters to relate to Phantom LOL.

A is for Angel
B is for Bar, Buqet, Box Five, Boat
C is for Christine, Carlotta, Cellar, Chandelier
D is for Don Juan Triumphant, disfigurement, deformed
E is for Erik
F is for Firmin, Fog
G is for Graveyard, Ghost
H is for Hannibal
I is for Il Muto
J is for Joseph
K is for Kopit
L is for Lasso, Lair, Leroux
M is for Monkey, Masquerade, Mirror, managers, music
N is for Notes
O is for Opera, Opera House
P is for Phantom, Punjab, Piangi, Persian
Q is for quite
R is for Rat, Rooftop, Raoul (gross!)
S is for Staircase
T is for Trophy, Tutor
U is for Underground, Understudy
V is for Violin
W is for Wishing You were somehow here again
X is for Perdita X - a character in Maskerade, a novel from Discworld written by Terry Pratchett, Maskerade was loosely based on POTO
Y is for Yeston
Z is for - a website used to sell custom phantom creations