Saturday, December 11, 2010

Batman Masque - REVIEW

I bought this comic book while working on my thesis, so this is my second time reading it, to review it for this blog. This is basically a phantom/batman cross-over it's pretty interesting. There are essentially two phantom roles in this comic, a lot is crammed into this short comic book. Harvey Dent and Batman are the two phantoms, Batman represents the phantom's compassionate human side, Dent represents the phantom's evil side. Laura Avian is a prima ballerina and is the Christine, she is blonde which is a happy thing for me, as the original Christine in Leroux's novel is blonde. At one point in the comic after being rescued by Batman she ends up in ALW Christine MOTN gear. The art work is okay for this comic book, compared to other graphic novels I've read it's passable for a graphic novel but not great. Right now this graphic novel is pretty cheap on Amazon, it is worth it as a unique item for collection, and it's a fast, decent phantom read.