Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mystery Legends Phantom of the Opera game review!

So my sweet dear love gave me an early Christmas gift yesterday. He surprised me with a game I did not know anything about until yesterday. It's a newer Phantom of the Opera PC game, so now to my knowledge there are two Phantom of the Opera PC games, Return of the Phantom and Mystery Legends Phantom of the Opera.

When I got home last night I started to play this lovely game a little bit, look forward to playing some more of it later on after I'm done with my overtime shift at work.

I not a pro gamer so my review and opinion are just geared towards the phantom aspect of this game. I like the voices, and graphics they are pretty good, the storyline is alright, and the only reason it's alright is because Christine and Raoul are married and have had a daughter. I just hate the fact that they are married. The story begins after they have just seen an Opera performance, the phantom sees their daughter, apparently he thinks she is Christine and he brings her back to the Opera House. So for the game you are playing the role of Christine's daughter as you go through the dilapidated Opera House to try to figure out how and why you are there. Basically the game is full of mini puzzles that you come across and need to solve before you move through another portion of the Opera House. For me this is perfect as I'm a puzzle game lover when I do game. I prefer games like tetris where you need to solve a puzzle and move onto the next level vs. other games like racing or shooting (which I'm God Awful at).

A screen shot from the game, the entrance of the Opera House!
Shawn bought me the game from Big Fish. If you google Mystery Legends Phantom of the Opera you will get tons of game guides as well, I browsed through one but do not wish to sort of cheat and would like to finish the game on my own merit, so I will just amble through the rest of it when I can resume play.