Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phantom #41 is delayed *sniff*

When I went to purchase tickets to phantom #41, one of my girlfriends couldn't make it to the city with us because she was sick. My other friend and I wanted to try to wait for her and see if we could purchase the tickets another time. So unless I go by myself before then my 41st trip to the show is on hold right now :( I may use this time to go see The Player's theatre production so that I can write up a review on it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Phantom of the Opera Discount Tickets

Are you wondering how I've been able to see Phantom of the Opera for 40 times and counting....the answer is that every time I go, I get discounted tickets. So here's some information that will guarantee a way for you to get tickets to phantom at a discounted price.

Broadway Box
Broadwaybox.com is a website that offers discounts to many different Broadway shows. 95% of the time Phantom of the Opera is offered.

Tdf.org is a website that you have to pay membership for, but it is worth it. You can see certain shows for about $40 or less, Phantom of the Opera has been offering discounts for a Tuesday or a Wednesday evening. TKTS is a booth in Times Square where you can purchase tickets at half price the same day of the show.

Read the newspaper and visit your local library
Newspapers will sometimes offer specials or discounts for certain shows, usually they will publish these offers during the beginning of the Spring and Winter Seasons. Your local libraries (if you live in NY) might sometimes display discount coupons called Twofers which will give you a discounted offer on certain shows the library will have coupons for, phantom is almost always one of the shows.

Craigslist will sometimes have an ad posted for someone looking to sell their show tickets last minute. Sometimes this is worth the search you can get tickets cheaper if the person is desperate to get rid of them at the last minute.

Purchase standing room or rear mezzanine seats
Standing room tickets are available if the performance is sold out. I believe they are now up to $26.50, when I bought my standing room ticket a few years ago it was about $20. They will show you a spot to stand in right behind the last row of orchestra seats. If there are seats available that were not taken the usher will show you to those seats sometime during the performance. I've also sat in rear mezzanine seats which are the cheapest. Truthfully the Majestic theatre is somewhat small so if you don't have any vision problems or you bring binoculars you can still see the show pretty well. I don't care about purchasing these seats because I have sat everywhere in the theatre that you could possibly sit, and to me as long as I get to see the show one more time I am happy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Phantom #41 is coming up soon!

When I went to phantom #40 two of my girlfriends wanted to come with me but they could not make it. So I worked with them on hatching plans for another phantom trip for me, in order for them to go as well. One of my girlfriends hasn't seen it since 98 and wants to go again, I think this will be my other girlfriend's first time going. I have the money for the trip together, very easily thanks to a combined Easter and Christmas gift from some relatives, and very soon I will visit the box office to purchase tickets for this wonderful event! This will be the 3rd time this year going to Phantom and I'm doing it while managing to pay my rent and bills, this is so exciting!

I've also got to work on getting some tickets to the phantom at the players theatre so I can check it out, and review it.

The sequel to LND has been delayed and should be coming to NY next Spring seems like ALW is trying to change things and beef it up, I knew he wouldn't do well with the piece of cr@p he's trying to pass off on the public right now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Phantom musical in NYC

There's a new phantom musical in NYC, I'm going to have to get tickets through TDF and give a review. Here's a link to the information, it's in previews right now and opens April 30. It will probably be much better then LND.

New Phantom musical

Monday, April 5, 2010

April's Sexy Phantom

So I'm here at this moment listening to the original London Cast Recording of Phantom, racking my brain for this month's sexy Phantom. Then it dawned on me who better to deem the sexy Phantom for April other then the man himself, the original London and Broadway phantom, the man I would wreck a marriage for (if I was married) Michael Crawford! So here is the sexy phantom's pic ladies and gents.

Perez trashes ALW for the sequel YES!

Perez Hilton has given ALW a much deserved insult regarding the new sequel.

YAY Perez!