Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Chanson de l'Ange, Book 1: The Bleeding Rose- An Epic Retelling of Phantom of the Opera
Chanson de l'Ange, Book 1: The Bleeding Rose- An Epic Retelling of Phantom of the Opera

I found out about this book over the summer, I think I learned about it because I friend requested the author on facebook in an attempt to connect with lots of phantom phans through facebook which worked out very well. I spent maybe a month checking out the book online, drooling and dreaming of the day that I would own it. My cousin told me he would send me birthday money so I was able to order the book. The book is large and epic and I was carrying it places with me for awhile but resided to the fact of leaving it home most of the time. Finally while in the process of moving from my apartment back home to my parent's house I bought this book to work, after the move I was able to catch up reading it when I was on break at work, yesterday night I finally took the book home with me and finished it, so finally many months later here's my review.

This book is 636 pages, using the Broadway play, the original novel and possibly other incarnations of the story the author provides the reader with a retelling of Phantom of the Opera of massive proportion. This is part of a two book volume so my feelings are that at the end of this book the reader is left with half the story completed, and the conclusion to the story will take place in Book 2. The story starts off with Christine's move to the Opera House after her father passes away. The reader journeys with Christine as she first hears her angel (who is really Erik) and begins voice lessons eventually becoming the diva of the Opera House. The action was mostly based on Leroux's novel as well as Lloyd Webber's play, with the author writing in her own ideas to the plot as well.

This book gets very deeply into the story, there's a lot of psychology and thoughts revealed about each of the characters which allows the reader to perhaps understand some of the character's actions which they may have never really understood with shorter incarnations of the story. I feel Christine's love for Erik more in this novel although she has many questions about him too. By the end of this book I wanted Christine to end up with Erik, but the book leaves off with an unlikely chance of that happening, I'll just have to wait until book 2 to find out what happens and if I get my wish of her ending up with Erik (as all phans always wish for). The middle up until the end of the book is quite gripping, I was compelled to finish it.

Overall it's a good epic novel for a phan's entertainment.