Friday, March 25, 2011

The PHantom Salute!

When I was 13 or 14 just a mere few years into my obsession with Phantom of the Opera....and yet still pretty much all I talked about, my friend Marissa's mother MaryAnn was talking about her love of rhinos during a Christmas Eve gathering. For a few year my family and MaryAnn's mom Sue's family would join at Sue's house for Christmas Eve celebrations. MaryAnn told whoever was at the table that she had a salute to rhinos, she called it the rhino salute. Of course immediately after seeing the rhino salute I asked about a possible phantom salute. MaryAnn who is extremely clever and full of genius spread out her fingers and slapped the left hand of her face where the phantom's mask is to signify a phantom salute. I loved it, thought it was very perfect and ran with it. So I have photos where I am saluting to the phantom. Sometimes I forget about the salute, and then remember it again and think back to all my years doing it. I'm remembering it now because I'm posting old skool phan photos that I have on facebook. In closing this entry I'll include two old skool photos of the salute so every phan who reads this can see what it looks like and run with it!

A summer night at my parent's house I think it might have been after celebrating my 21st birthday by seeing phantom. I decided to do the salute- most 21 year olds get drunk I chose to see phantom yet again LOL

Demonstrating the salute it was my first time at the stage door after the show, I was with my friends Cathy and Jaime.