Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July's Sexy Phantom! 2011

Imagine the possibility of waking up to this grin in the morning...if you're a single horny phan may you have the most pleasant fantasy of this dream come true occurring. 
January, June and July! For me these three months are favorite phantom months. January because phantom made it's broadway premiere at the end of January on January 26, 1988, June because it is my phaniversary and July because it's my birthday and I've seen the show a few different years on my birthday because how else would a phantom phan celebrate the day! This year for the month of July may all of us who are attracted to the phantom drool over my sexy phantom pick TIM MARTIN GLEASON! He's one of the phantoms to play both Raoul and the phantom, of course unless you're a Raoul lover he looks a million times better when he's in phantom garb.
Tim Martin Gleason unmasked with Trista Moldovan and Kelly Jeanne Grant, this was closing night at the Pantages Theater October 31, 2010