Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Phantom murder by Sadie Montgomery REVIEW

Phantom Murder
Phantom Murder

This is the sixth and final book in the phan phiction Phoenix of the Opera series by Sadie Montgomery. I've been picking up one of these to read here and there until I finally got through the series with this book.

The book starts with the discovery of a corpse disfigured beyond recognition, than there is a flash back of events before the corpse is discovered, the events eventually come full circle back to the corpse finding throwing Erik, Meg, their family and the teatro de l'Opera into solving a mystery and hoping to save Erik from potential jail time. While all of this excitement is happening Mario and Francois both have affection for the same women, Meg won't sing anymore which leaves the reader wondering if she might go back to dance or pick up singing again, and Carlotta and Rinaldo are driven apart.

There's lots going on it in this finale of the Phoenix of the Opera series everything wraps up nicely and is happy for all of the characters at the end. I did enjoy the book, but reading the ending felt like watching Spiderman 3 to me all over again. The book could have ended two or three times but went on for more pages.