Thursday, August 25, 2011

Phantom Variations by Ann C. Hall REVIEW

Phantom Variations: The Adaptations of Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera, 1925 to the Present

I haven't read any phantom of the opera literature recently although I have a lot on my kindle and a ton of books too, so when I finished my coffeehouse mysteries on the kindle, I decided to go to my phantom collection and chose to read this work by Ann Hall. I was pretty impressed, she looks deeply into the meanings of different versions of the story and provides a lot of insight as to why which version might have been made this way and why another version was made differently. This book satisfies a phantom nerd's mind in regards to the phantom of the opera variations available for viewing. It also inspires me to possibly become a phantom scholar, although some of my friends are already convinced that I'd have a Ph.D in the subject if it was offered in universities. If you wish to delve deeper into phantom this is definitely a good read, kudos to Ms. Hall for creating this work.