Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sexy Phantom for August 2011

In the scary lair

Terrorizing members of the masked ball
This month's sexy phantom isn't all too sexy but I figured he deserves a small recognition...and he's alright. Truth be told sometimes I'm left puzzled for the month wondering which sexy phantom I shall pick. I need to obtain a list of Broadway and London phantoms as well as phantoms on tours so I have plenty of sexy phantom ammo. So here it is this month we salute Robert Englund star of the 1989 slasher phantom. This movie version of the story isn't the greatest, it's is own art form as far as bringing true horror and gore to the story, it's still better than the 1999 Julian Sands version and don't you guys and gals worry, I will stop naming a sexy phantom before I name the star of the Julian Sands version sexy because he looked too much like Raoul and did not wear a mask. Also the gore porn version of a beautiful story is not appreciated, I don't know which has the higher grossness factor Love Never Dies or the 1999 Julian Sands version. Okay enough ranting here's two photos of the great Robert Englund who scared us as Freddy and created an extremely gory, scary Erik.