Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Abendlied by Jennifer Linforth REVIEW

Abendlied: A Novel of Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera
Kindle Edition

This is the second in what is now a trilogy of phan phiction written by Jennifer Linforth. In the second book of this series Erik and Anna are on the run. They are being hunted by Raoul (who thinks Erik is responsible for the death of his brother Phillipe) and Loup, who's hunting Erik but really wants Anna. Christine also deals with personal confusion, she's still not sure if she loves Raoul, Erik or both of them. I won't say anymore about the summary of the book because I'd rather not give spoilers to anyone who wishes to read it.

Overall this book was a pretty good story, it was nice to follow the characters of the book through an adventure. I wish Erik and Anna were in different circumstances, but I guess if they were comfortable there wouldn't be a story just like in the original tale we all know and love, it wouldn't be a great story if Christine had ended up with Erik, oddly enough it's a great wish among some phans that she should have ended up with him, but the story may have failed with a happy ending. At least that's my opinion.