Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Love Never Dies Soundtrack Deluxe Edition - REVIEW

So I rented the deluxe edition of the LND soundtrack from the library...WHY?!? Apparently I like to torture myself. So I'm not really listening to the music, I made that mistake once only in my life. I do confess I'm probably going to rip the music onto my computer (my laptop might crash from doing this). 

I was curious to see the DVD that came with the soundtrack. I just wanted to see ALW blubber like an idiot about this new work he's so proud of. The best thing about this DVD is Ramin (but I don't like how he toots his own horn). The worst thing about this DVD, ALW and the occasional snippets of LND music. Enough said...or written. 

 Shawn didn't realize the music was this bad because the first time he heard it was on this DVD. My advice. See this crap for free, don't pay for it. Rent it from the library, take it from a disappointed phantom phan who regrets their decision of buying it, look through someone's trash bag....I'm sure a few copies may have made it to the garbage, possibly in one piece. 

Okay enough trashing LND for now....I'll save the worst bite for when I finally get to see the DVD (which I'm also not paying for!)