Thursday, March 8, 2012

Madrigal by Jennifer Linforth - REVIEW

Madrigal: A novel of Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera
Kindle Edition

This novel is actually a pretty good sequel to the story of the phantom of the opera. Andrew Lloyd Webber could learn a lesson or two from this author in how to write and pull of a decent sequel to this story. The novel takes place years after Gaston Leroux's work. Erik who faked his death finds a friend and possible lover in Anna, a young girl who leaves him care packages of figs and ink. As the novel goes on Christine comes back to the Paris Opera. Among the action, passion, deceit and mayhem, Erik must decide and make sense of his love for Christine and the idea of having a real love and life with Anna.

Overall I was impressed with this sequel. The author did a great job bringing Erik back to life with the suggestion that he faked his own death. There was a lot of action, and a lot of questions Erik had for himself. I really enjoyed the fact that Erik and Raoul remained enemies, I don't like the idea of them as friends which is what happened in Sadie Montgomery's series.

I was impressed and will continue reading the series, I've already started the next novel Ablendied and will definitely buy Rondeau for my kindle.

If you'd like more information on Jennifer Linforth's novels you can browse her website.

March 2012 - Sexy Phantom

Sexy Phantom has been around for 2 years now! I started the Sexy Phantom of the month in March 2010 and have been able to keep it going pretty strong for a full two years, it's an accomplishment considering that sometimes I'm not so sure who to pick for the month or if I will think of anyone at all. 

So to celebrate Sexy Phantom's 2 year anniversary, phans PHeast your eyes on John Owen Jones (also known as JOJ). He's pretty hot stuff both masked and unmasked.

This is the cover of an album he has - after lent is over and I can shop again this is going to the be first thing I purchase

Could he be eluding to the role of the phantom in this photo? 

Portraying the man we all know and love