Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Erik: Portrait of a living corpse

Recently I purchased this movie for viewing and for my collection! Here's my thoughts/notes about it!

I thought the cinematography was good, I liked how the director used older black and white cinematography and mixed it with modern cinematography as well. I also thought this lent more to a view of Erik's feelings. I felt like this movie was a mix of the 1925 lon chaney version and David Staller's 1990 version.

As far as the acting goes I feel Christine was okay, Mme. Giry was excellent and Meg Giry left something to be desired. Erik is a good actor but his latex make up and mask could use a little more work. His voice is ghostly and less angelic, he's also a little more violent with a twist of humor when he performs a violent act.

Raoul's very jerky looking and his character is actually quite comical.

Overall for an independent film it's pretty good, funny at times, I'm guessing by the ending that the story continues and I would like to view the next production release of the continued story if it does indeed happen.