Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Manifestations of a Phantom's soul volume 2 by Michelle Rodriguez

This lovely work of Phan Phic was a Christmas gift to me from my dear friend Jessica. Even though I have lots of phantom books at home that I have yet to read I figured it was long overdue for a phantom reading and review blog entry. So I started reading!

This book is wonderful. There's ten short stories, the stories are variations on the theme of Christine and Erik's love. Some stories are erotic, some have happy endings, some have extremely sad endings. I liked it because it wasn't the same old Erik & Christine happily ever after, each story had a different possibility.

Michelle's work is worth the read I've already picked up one of her other non phantom novels and I intend to pick up more of her phan phiction to read in the future after I get through stuff in my personal collection that I have yet to read! Or re-read! I would re-read Michelle's work!