Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love Phantom of the Opera!

I am a die hard Phantom of the Opera PHanatic! I will be a phan for 16 years this year in June! I have seen the Broadway musical 4o times so far, have a large collection of Phantom of the Opera memorabilia, have read tons of Phan fiction (Phantom of the Opera stories written by Phans), have read many books based on the subject, have seen many versions of the movie available, and have been crazy in general for this story!

The creation of this blog is due to inspiration from a book I am now reading written by a METs fan (on a side note, I am also a METs fan). The book is titled The Last Days of Shea by Dana Brand. The author is a METs fan, he has written two books about being a METs fan and he has a blog as well. I figured if he can write about being a METs fan, I can most certainly devote a blog to Phantom.

I hope to write about each of the times I attended the Broadway musical, write about my thoughts on the Phantom, write about some of my memorabilia, review some books about the Phantom of the Opera, as well as covering much more with this blog. If I decide to write my book this blog will also help serve as notes for the book.