Monday, March 22, 2010

The Phoenix of the Opera

Just finished reading The Phoenix of the Opera by Sadie Montgomery. This is the first book in what now appears to be a five part book series by Ms. Montgomery. The book is great, most definitely worth the read.

At first the book might be slightly confusing, as Sadie Montgomery inserts italicized sections of text representative of a character's thoughts. But this also adds more depth to the novel, peering into thoughts can be very interesting.

I also respect the author, as she could have gone in the direction of most phans, and made it possible for Christine and Erik to be together. However she did not, but she created a livable alternative for Erik. He ends up with Meg, he does have a love for her, but it will never be like his love for Christine.

To my dismay Christine ends up with Raoul. Some may argue that Christine and Raoul were always destined for each other, this may be true, at times I have been angry with her and felt she could never appreciate Erik, but it's still gross to read about anyone who could love Raoul. He has almost no dimension, but Ms. Montgomery gives her Raoul compassion towards Erik and they almost end up as close as brothers could be. This is better then the drunk he's turned out to be in LND (Thanks ALW!)

Overall I appreciate the direction Ms. Montgomery has taken in the path to continuing the phantom's story after the incidents at the Opera House, as well the explanation she gives for some of his actions, one such explanation will help me when I argue with people over the death of Joseph Buquet.

If you're interested in purchasing this book it's available for sale through amazon.