Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Love Never Dies Soundtrack Review

Andrew Lloyd Webber, much to my dismay has decided to create a sequel to Phantom of the Opera. The sequel has already opened in London , it premiered today actually. It is scheduled to hit Broadway in November, I plan to see it, I have to as a phantom phan so I can give a review and get a feel for it. I'm not sure if I am going to like it though. It's based on the book Phantom of Manhattan by Frederick Forsyth, the book was absolutely awful and somewhat far fetched. It's utterly impossible to create a sequel being Erik dies in the original novel by Gaston Leroux. It is possible to create a sequel from Webber's musical because the phantom just disappears at the end and there is no explanation as to what happened to him.

I received the soundtrack in the mail today, I pre-ordered it from amazon. Some of the instrumental music from the soundtrack is amazing. The instrumental can be haunting, and can also put you under a spell. However the lyrics are weak to me, and the song titles could be more creative. One of the things that pleases me about the soundtrack is that Raoul seems like a jerk, that makes me happy because I hate him. Ramin Karimloo sounds like he is a pretty amazing phantom, he has played the phantom in London, before he was hired to play the phantom in the sequel. Sierra Boggess seems like she will make a good Christine, she played Christine in Las Vegas for Phantom at the Venetian. I feel like the other actors leave something to be desired with their characters from listening to the soundtrack. I'm hoping Sierra and Ramin will be here in New York to premiere the sequel.

Here is the link to the official website for anyone who wishes to check out the sequel further
love never dies official website

I will also update as I learn more about the sequel

If you are interested in purchasing the LND soundtrack here are some links to purchase the soundtracks through amazon