Thursday, June 17, 2010

Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom of the Opera # 41

Last night June 16, 2010 at 8 PM (8 days after my 16th phaniversary - weird with the numbers 8 and 16) I attended Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera for the 41st time. As I was waiting on the line I found a group of four girls from Michigan who were wearing masks similar to the Masquerade costume masks and I had to take a picture with them. After that I sat in my seat in the last row of the theatre haha, took some pictures and eagerly awaited the performance.

The performance was amazing as it always is to me. I get very lost in the story and very swayed by the music but I did manage to take notice of a couple of things in order to review the performance.

Jeremy Stolle was a stand in for Raoul - he was okay as the character. I really hate Raoul so much - not the actor that plays him, just the character. So an actor that makes me want to throw up in my mouth while playing his character does a great job. Mr. Stolle performed adequately but didn't have me seething every time Raoul walked on stage.

Jennifer Hope Wills played Christine. I have seen her before and I always thought she did a wonderful job but her voice seemed a little weak last night. It may not have been her though - it could have been the fact that I was in the last row of the theatre - or perhaps she was sick but still performing. Her acting was amazing - she was very expressive and gave the role of Christine such life, all in all she is worth seeing.

John Cudia was a gem as the phantom. I have seen him play Raoul before - it's kind of funny when an actor has played both parts. At one point I could care less about them because they played the man I hate, when the reverse happens and they start playing the phantom I notice them! He was absolutely amazing - he put so much into the character - he had me on the edge of my seat at the end of point of no return and during the final lair scene. I always am on the edge of my seat during that time but I was even more so last night. He is a wonderful phantom!

I hated All I ask of You last night - that song could not go by fast enough! I always hate that song and that part of the play. It's a beautiful song I will give it that credit - but it is when the phantom (who I love dearly) is betrayed and I just hate to see it happen every time.

Point of No Return was so hot! It's an incredibly sexy song and scene, I love it so much! I think it was the hottest I've ever seen it be last night.

After the show I decided to stick around for autographs. I didn't go for them during my 39th and 40th time so I figured it was time to go get them again. It was pretty hysterical - I tried to go right by the stage door as I always try to do and sometimes manage but I was told I had to wait outside the doors that lead to the stage door so I did. I was holding the door open but was told I had to close it after a few actors and orchestra members went through so I did. Then two police officers came into the alley, they were waiting to see if someone they knew was still on the light crew. I was ready to s*it my pants I thought the majestic theatre personnel may have finally noticed me and decided to call the cops to make me go away. So  I asked the cops if I had to leave. They may have been kidding but they asked if I was going to stab someone, I told them no and offered to have my bag searched so they could see I intended no harm. They said it was okay and after they found out their friend was not on the light crew they left. I met John Cudia, Jennifer Hope Wills and a few other cast members after that I went on my merry way home to conclude my 41st time at phantom!