Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Phantom of the Opera message boards

So my readers and PHellow PHans today I have decided to give you a few messages boards where you may discuss Phantom of the Opera.

This is my favorite message board - every once in awhile I will log in and read some post -express my opinion - ask a question - take suggestions. This should be the second hit that you get if you google phantom of the opera.

phantom's opera
I haven't checked this one out - it looks good based on a quick glance - perhaps I shall browse it and maybe join.

Gerard Butler fans
This one seems to be geared toward Gerard Butler phans - he's not my favorite phantom - if I saw Michael Crawford he would probably be it - but my favorites are Charles Dance and Eric Fletcher - best ALW phantom would have to be Hugh Panaro.

These are the best three I found with quick research so that I can give my readers a quick fix if they are looking for phantom of the opera message boards to talk phantom on.