Sunday, April 3, 2011

Phantom Madness by Sadie Montgomery - REVIEW

Phantom Madness
Phantom Madness
Kindle edition

This is the fifth book in The Phoenix of the Opera series by Sadie Montgomery. I have number 6 in hard copy and on my kindle as well. I ordered all of the physical book versions so I could have a complete set to lend my friend Janette.

In my opinion although these books were always good, Sadie Montgomery has improved in her work regarding this series, the fourth and fifth books were much more interesting than the first three. I still have a lot of trouble getting used to the fact that Erik and Raoul are friends, it's sort of weird.

In this part of the series Meg is conned by a psychologist to send Erik to an institution, once this happens Erik is trapped away and Meg is desperate to get him back. I won't spoil the phan phiction for anyone who wishes to read but at the end everything works out quite nicely and Erik accomplishes a major feat that I don't think any phan thought was ever possible.

Overall this series is pretty good, worth it if you're a phan and have a passion for the books.