Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gearing up for the adventures of the Phantom Egghead!

I was browsing Etsy as I like to do sometimes, especially now that I'm off of facebook at work which gives me other browsing opportunities during downtime if I don't have actual work to do. Of course I punched in a keyword search for Phantom of the Opera (what else would a Phan do?) and I came across THE PHANTOM EGGHEAD!

Immediately he was added to my etsy favorites. I also took note of his cheap price (sometimes the community I work for rubs off on me), I posted a link about him in my google buzz which is now function as my links I'd like to add to facebook in the future page. Last night I posted him on facebook and was anxiously worried another phan might snatch him up and he was the only one available for sale. I told Shawn about him. After doing all of this, I figured perhaps I should order him, I was getting a bit obsessive which is nothing new regarding phantom of the opera and myself, but if I thought about PE (Phantom Egghead) all these times I thought I should purchase him. Which is what I did this morning after I settled up at work, before getting a bunch of weird phone calls from lonely people with odd questions.

On the way to a bathroom break, still thinking about PE and his impending arrival to my house I was reminded of the time I used to carry my phantom of the opera plushie around with me, who I named Erik Buddy. I remembered how I used to sometimes be a wise ass nerd and take pictures of Erik Buddy at certain places I was at. I thought about Erik Buddy because I was thinking of which location to keep PE. I wasn't sure if he should be in my room at my parent's house, if I should take him to Shawn's or bring him to work. Than I thought it would be a fantastically dorky idea (if I gently carried PE in my purse) to photograph PE in different places I visit, it would be an interesting new photo project as well as an interesting addition to my photo of the day 365 project challenge. So when PE comes I won't publically display him by carrying him around in my hands, he will suffocate in my purse, but I'll photograph him in places I visit almost daily as long as exciting new places if it's possible. So now I'm really excited I can't wait for PE to get here, I hope he comes before Easter since he's an egg and this PE photo project is going to be funny! So be on the look out the PE photo project will be on Picasa, facebook and new photos will be featured as blog entries here :)

My PHuture Phantom Egghead, he's mine once he comes to my house in the mail!