Thursday, November 3, 2011

November's Sexy Phantom!

Thanksgiving 2011 is on it's way! That said let the phans give thanks for November's Sexy Phantom! Colm Wilkinson!
Colm Wilkinson and Anthony Crivello at Phantom the Las Vegas Spectacular 

C.W. is most known for the role of Jean Valjean in Les Mis, but he's donned the mask as well so he qualifies. I've only seen his performance in phantom on the screen when I viewed Hey Mr. Producer! and when he made an appearance for the Phantom's 25th anniversary in London.

Some drama to the sexiness of C.W. with a B&W image
This sexy phantom of the month comes along with a special shout out to my girl Danielle! She was at the phan gathering, as soon as I get myself a license and a car my ass is taking the 3 or 4 hour drive to visit her, planning massive road trips when I get my car! She's a les mis and phantom phan so being that this phantom performed both title roles in both shows she definitely gets a shout out. 

One more rambling note before this entry is over. I'm looking into the possibility of starting a sexy Christine of the month. Even though I definitely dig a sexy phantom, some readers could possibly be wishing for a sexy Christine. But I need some help. If there is a phan out there willing to work with me by naming sexy Christine's for my blog on a monthly basis please let me know. You can leave a comment on the bottom of this blog with contact info or you can e-mail me at