Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chaz Bono as the Phantom!

This has inspired me to learn the tango! 

My favorite thing about the month of October is that the phantom seems to be extremely popular due to the fact that it's Halloween and he's thought to be extremely spooky. There's all sorts of Phantom sightings, people dressed as him for Halloween, appearances or mentions in episodes of television shows etc. Which reminds me I've always meant to get a phantom sighting entry created. Last night my cousin informed me that Chaz Bono was going to dance to Phantom on dancing with the stars in honor of Broadway week. I missed it last night but found it on youtube today. I might have taken a slightly longer break than I was supposed to so that I can view the video on my cell phone but phantom is worth breaking rules for. 

Interestingly enough Shawn would like to take tango lessons, I am pretty sure he would like the tango to be our first dance at the wedding reception. I'm more than perfectly willing to learn the tango if that means Shawn will don the mask and the phantom of the opera title song can be our first dance. The question is can I get my dear sweet future husband to go along with this?!?