Monday, July 30, 2012

47th Phantom of the Opera REVIEW

So it's taken me forever to actually write this review, I've had a lot of things happening, finally I have a chance to write. On July 13, 2012 Shawn took me to Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic again. It was our two year dating anniversary on July 10 and he had no idea what present to get me. (I'm not sure we will celebrate our dating anniversaries anymore, we're probably just going to opt to celebrate our married anniversary after the wedding). Of course I told him Phantom of the Opera tickets would be fine, I've been wanting to go to the show again since I last went in February. So almost a year to the date of what I now call the proposal phantom, we went to what is now known as the 2 year anniversary phantom. One of the performances I went to before I met Shawn is also known as the guilty phantom but I can't remember what number that was. My ex had bought tickets and I had a feeling he did something very wrong and that's why he bought tickets to the show, so I deemed that performance guilty phantom.

Shawn looks like he's ready for a big adventure, or he's bug eyed because he's had an overdose of POTO
Okay so the paragraph above, probably kind of useless, so here we go with the review. I only have to say two things about two of the actors. Hugh Panaro was out, I learned that his father passed away (writing this reminds me I want to send a sympathy card to his agents for him), so James Romick performed as the phantom. I had seen him a few years ago and thought he wasn't very good but he must have improved his performance from being with the cast for awhile and probably having other chances to perform as phantom. Shawn and I both liked him. Cristin J. Hubbard was Mme. Giry. I may have commented on her before, she lacked the umpf! the authority that Mme. Giry is known for. Maybe she will get better in time or she just had an off night. Trista Moldovan is amazing as Christine, I love her facial expressions when she plays the role, I probably commented about her in previous blog entries as well. I liked Christian Sebek in the role of Piangi, he was dramatic and very funny.

That's pretty much it, nothing special happened after the show, we didn't get autographs, I think it's been awhile since I've gone back to the stage door actually. I'm hoping after the wedding is over to be able to hit up phantom some more before we decide to have some kids if we have any. My driving skills are very questionable and it's kind of helpful if you can drive your kids around, so we'll see what happens.