Friday, May 14, 2010

May's Sexy Phantom

It's the middle of May and I just realized last night that there isn't a sexy phantom for May yet. So without further ado the phantom with the hotness award this month is Charles Dance! I love, love, love this Phantom. Charles Dance's Phantom was the first Phantom I ever saw when I was a little girl. It was a two night mini-series that appeared on TV in 1990. I missed the first part, but the second night my parents let me stay up and watch the second part with them. This was the initial start of my phantom obsession, although it didn't really kick off until I was 11. I do remember going to school the next day after seeing this mini-series and thinking about the phantom the whole day. I believe for some reason I was meant to love this story. So here's a picture of our man for the month Charles Dance, and I will put information on ordering the DVD through Amazon in case you are curious about this movie.