Saturday, May 22, 2010

PHan PHriend, Phantom Cast Member friends and Phantom Kitty

I was fortunate enough on Friday to meet my first real PHan PHriend in person. I've known a few Phantom Phans over the years, I have one friend in England who I haven't met yet, maybe someday I will, and I have met two other Phantom PHans in the past but haven't been able to get close to them :( I also attended a phan gathering a few years ago but unfortunately have lost touch with those PHans :( Hopefully face book will also me to find them one day. I ended up randomly finding a PHellow Phantom PHan off of the Sgouros & Bell face book page. I friend requested her, we realized we live very close to each other and we met in person for some Phantom chat. So now after 16 years I can say I have a Phan PHriend who lives close to me that I can hang out with. Anybody who hangs out with us must beware, we are a deadly duo when it comes to Phantom and if her and I don't drive you crazy dealing with both of us as individuals when it comes to phantom, we most definitely will drive you crazy if you are around us together. So cheers to my Phan PHriend, she knows who she is, I won't mention her name in case she's concerned about privacy.

So Face book is wonderful! I have made friends with two of the cast members from Sgouros & Bell phantom. This is very exciting, I have messaged with one cast member and will be sure to write them next time I come to Sgouros & Bell. Hopefully this will give me an opportunity to meet and greet some of the cast and crew and be able to talk about the show with them, pick their brains and learn more about Sgouros & Bell Phantom.

I have adopted a new kitten, now I have two cats. My friend from work found this little guy outside of his apartment and I took him in. In addition to my Grizabella (named from Cats), I now have a kitty that I have chosen to name Phantom. Phantom kitty is all black and adorable. I just hope eventually Grizabella will get along with him. For now she is upset and hisses at him whenever she sees him. This causes the need to keep them separated when I'm out of my apartment, sleeping or showering. So welcome to my lair Phantom kitty, hopefully you and Grizz will get along.