Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lessons from The Phantom of the Opera - REVIEW

Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera
Kindle Edition

Haven't done a review here in quite some time. I'm going to have at least two reviews this month, maybe more, the 10,000th performance of the Broadway Phantom is coming up and for some reason I'm choosing to read through all of the phantom of the opera literature I have on my kindle too.

Vicki Hopkins was strongly influenced by the story of the Phantom of the Opera, she started a blog to discuss lessons she learned from the story, her blog received many hits so she chose to publish a book based on her blog. I am a follower of her blog but so far I've only read this book version, haven't actually sat down to plow through the blog yet.

She divides this book into a few sections, she takes a few pages to discuss the characters, symbols, emotions as well as other aspects found in the story of The Phantom of the Opera. At the conclusion of each section she includes what she calls the view from 5. In the view from box 5, she asks a few thought provoking questions about what she just discussed. The View from box 5 was my favorite feature of the book, I didn't take the time to reflect or think about all of her questions but sometime in the future I'd like to go back to the text and write out answers. I'm all about encouraging reflection, conclusions or your own thoughts about a story so this little addition to each chapter was awesome in my opinion.

Sometimes I found her writing style to be a little bit campy but overall the book wasn't bad, definitely thought provoking and wonderful for delving deeper into the story. I think if I ever achieve a silly dream I have of becoming a Phantom of the Opera professor/lecturer in the future I will definitely use Ms. Hopkin's text, it makes a great teacher's text.