Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Phantom of the Opera 10,000th Broadway Performance

On February 11, 2012 Broadway's Phantom of the Opera hit a record and performed it's 10,000th performance during the afternoon performance.

Principal performers for this record breaking show were Hugh Panaro (playing the phantom), Trista Moldovan (playing Christine), Kyle Barisich (playing Raoul - GROSS!), Aaron Galligan - Stierle (Monsieur Andre), Kevin Ligon (Monsieur Firmin), Cristin J. Hubbard (Mme. Giry), Heather McFadden (Meg Giry), Michele McConnell (Carlotta), and Christain Sebek (Piangi).

Trista Moldovan gave an interesting performance as Christine, her facial expressions were well done, she portrayed a very lost and confused Christine. Hugh Panaro did a better job in the second act of the performance, during the first act he might have been nervous or trying to direct the spot light to the other cast members but he wasn't completely on par. Michele McConnell was a great Carlotta, she performed the role of the diva incredibly well. Cristin J. Hubbard seemed to have confused the role of Mme. Giry with the role of Mary Poppins and Heather McFadden did well as Meg Giry but she had an older look to her, not the young look that Meg should have.

Once the performance finished, after the curtain call, Hugh Panaro made a speech, Gillian Lynne (the original choreographer of all productions worldwide) made a speech after Hugh Panaro finished his speech, Hugh Panaro then read a letter from Hal Prince. Once Hugh Panaro finished Hal Prince's letter a special projection presentation of pre-recorded well wishes from Andrew Lloyd Weber (blech!) and the London cast of Phantom of the Opera was shown. There was also a cake on stage featuring the number 10,000.

If you wish to glimpse the festivities one of the talented videographer phans, Krista taped the proceedings, her recording can be found on YouTube, below is a link to the video.