Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Phantom Diaries by Kailin Gow - REVIEW

The Phantom Diaries

I provided a link with the option to purchase this book from amazon but honestly I wouldn't even bother. This is one of the most awful phan phiction novels I've ever come across, it's not as bad as Frederick Forsyth's Phantom of Manhattan but it's definitely almost just as foul IMO.

The summary and the only part of the story that makes sense is that Annette Binoche comes to Metropolitan Opera House in NY to become a seamstress. She runs into Erik (in this version the author has brutalized his name and it's spelled as Eric) who's magically lived through time for years and years. He helps her get the lead in the new production. Annette is a pretty confused and loose character. She divides her time and affections between Chace, Aaron Aragon and Eric. One minute she's kissing Chace, the next minute she's pleading with Eric by telling her how much she loves him. The book ends after Annette is possessed by Kristine's spirit (again the name is butchered), Kristine also happens to be Annette's long lost relative. There is a struggle between Kristine's spirit and Annette over control of her body. Apparently there's two more installments of this crap, I asked Shawn to get one for me, if he's able to get it I might ask him to get the other one. All I know is if I'm going to suffer through any more of these for reviewing purposes I'm not buying it.

The author definitely screws up the paranormal twist they so desperately tried to do according to amazon. The book makes absolutely no sense, jumping from one ridiculous scene to the next. Annette is a loose character who I personally have no respect for. Again my verdict is do not waste your time with this twilight co tail writer who seriously fouls and stinks up the story of phantom almost as badly as ALW does with LND. I know this review is probably very harsh but I don't like this book and I want to protect anyone from making the mistake of reading it.