Monday, August 27, 2012

No Return: A contemporary Phantom tale by Christine Pope REVIEW

No Return: A Contemporary Phantom Tale
No Return: A Contemporary Phantom Tale - Kindle Edition

So after buying a few phantom novels for my kindle two Christmases ago, I finally finished all the phantom novels that are on my kindle. Perhaps I'll get some more after I go through all the other books that are on my kindle waiting to be read.

In this modern day tale of phantom recreated very nicely by Christine Pope, Erik Dietrich is a wealthy recluse searching for his modern day Christine Daae. He finds her in Christine Daly a young struggling Opera major. Christine gets involved with Randall Cagny when she's kidnapped by Erik Dietrich. Can she fall in love with Erik? Will she after he's held her captive? Or will she be rescued by Randall?

Of course I know all the answers to these questions, but I'd like to entice you to read the book because it was pretty damn good. The writing was good, the novel took me into a different world, to the world of a modern phantom tale, just as any good novel would. As I read I found myself wondering if Christine would be with Erik or if she would be rescued by Randall and leave with him just like she left with Raoul in the original story. Even when it was pretty clear what direction the story was going in and how the ending would most likely turn out I was still in anticipation of the novel's ending, wondering if the story would change direction anyway. This is one phan phiction definitely worth reading and worth the purchase.