Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Costumes - October 1, 2012 - Star Princess!

I've been cooking up ways to revitalize this blog, since recently I've just been posting sexy phantoms, reviews and phan interviews recently. I've been wanting to feature costumes on the blog for awhile so I've created 31 days of Costumes in honor of October being the month of Halloween. I am hoping to actually feature a phan well known for their costume making if they agree to be featured.

The best costume in ALWs musical IMO

Today's costume to kick off 31 days of costumes is my ultimate favorite, the star princess! This costume is worn by Christine during Masquerade. I actually wanted this costume to be made into a wedding dress for my wedding but couldn't do it. I wish I was able to because the seamstress I found here turned out to be a flake and I had to run to David's Bridal to get a dress off the rack for my wedding. Thankfully it worked out well. Enough rambling, let's enjoy today's beautiful costume!

Maria Bjornson's sketch, she was a genius