Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Costumes - October 3, 2012 - Christine's Aminta Costume

The much loved Aminta Costume!
I found a wealth of images to share while searching for the Aminta costume. As many readers probably already know, the Aminta costume is worn by Christine during Point of No Return. This is also a costume I'd like to someday make myself (if I can actually start to learn to sew) or find pre-made somewhere, or have it made for me.

couldn't resist using this image of her shoes that go with the costume   

I already have a pair of boots I could wear with this costume, although it would be nice to get ones that look more authentic to the costume. The ones I have don't have laces, they go up to the knee, and the heel is higher.

the dress detail is amazing

The dress can be pink depending on which version of ALWs musical you are viewing, pink is my absolute favorite color so that's a rock factor right there. The dress has an A line skirt, A lines are flattering to my very curvy recently slightly overweight figure. Who am I kidding? I've been more then slightly overweight my whole life lol This costume is an overall favorite, it's one of my favorites and I've heard many other phans express approval for this costume as well. I almost had my hands on a sewn version of the costume but I lost the bid for it :(

lovely aminta sketch