Friday, January 28, 2011

Phantom Death by Sadie Montgomery REVIEW

Phantom Death
Phantom Death
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My sister bought me the physical edition of #5 in this series for Christmas. Eager to eventually get through this series and continue my blog reviews I purchased #4 and and #6 in this series for my kindle (thanks again to my sweetheart for the greatest Christmas gift ever). I've been reading this book for awhile now using the kindle when I was on the bus or train and have finally finished it.

Ms. Montgomery has impressed me very much with this work. I enjoyed books 1 to 3, but I was starting to feel as if it were the same plot, Erik and Meg were in love, then separated somehow and reunited. This book in the series took a different turn and the author has done an excellent job with it.

Basically Erik's life in Rome is upturned and his peace is threatened when Carlotta comes to Rome, knowing that Erik is there and attempts to seek revenge for what has happened to her and Piangi. She singlehandedly threatens Erik's security and puts the life of him and his family in danger when she alerts Inspector Leroux, who has been hunting for Erik convinced he was still alive, to his existence in Rome.

After a bunch of tantrums from Carlotta, lots of action, and a chapter of horrific madness things wrap up quite nicely, my only gripe *QUICK SPOILER ALERT* is that Erik names one of his new children Raoul, I still detest that him and Raoul are friends, even though Raoul is kind of nice in this series, I just will forever hate his character. *SPOILER ENDS*

This book is worth the purchase if you are into Phan Phiction, I must say this six part series written by Sadie Montgomery is a much better sequel to the story then Love Never Dies, perhaps if ALW based his sequel off of Ms. Montgomery's books the phans would actually like it.

Just a quick extra note. This book review is also linked to new thousand book blog challenge I started. If you happen to be a curious phantom phan that also happens to be into books you can follow my reviews of 1,000 books that I will be reading to find some great books you may not have known about :)