Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unmasqued by Colette Gale REVIEW

I have re-read this novel for the second...or third time with great pleasure ;) in order to bring you, my dear phan readers another review of PHan PHiction that may...or may not be worth the purchase, depending on my feelings towards the work. This work by the way is WORTH IT!

Unmasqued is an erotic novel of our PHavorite story. Erik lovers will be pleased with this story, Raoul lovers not so much. Colete Gale does a wonderful job incorporating erotic scenes into the novel without turning the work into smut that old ladies tend to read for excitement. She manages to make this work full of steamy scenes that satisfy virtually almost any sexual appetite but at the same time she brings a suspenseful, intriguing plot into the book as well. She also keeps true to the story of Phantom of the Opera and doesn't botch it up, or discredit it to make her work seem true (like Frederick Forsyth). Raoul manages to become a world class jerk by the end of the novel (kudos!), Christine is a semi-whorish whiner with no independence (but she makes Erik happy), and Erik well he can do no wrong! The only small problem, which is not bad at all was the biographer's afterward that the author included, it started off great considering what happened to Phillipe and how he ended up, but ended on a slightly campy note, it may have been better just to leave the novel off without the afterward, this book is still great though and has a happy ending, quite possibly in more ways then one ;)