Sunday, January 9, 2011

WE Network Phantom of the Opera REVIEW!

I was very excited when someone at work told me that David Tutera was having a Phantom of the Opera themed network on his show My Fair Wedding! I thought I might watch it but wasn't sure, and I thought I had missed it because Shawn and I got back at around 10 from the No Pants Subway Ride and the show aired at 9. After quickly looking it up, I realized they were re-airing the show at 11 and Shawn put it on for me. I can't tell you how much of a disappointment and waste of time viewing this show turned out to be for me.

The aspect of David Tutera's show is that he takes the theme the bride wishes to go with and he re-plans the wedding, according to him he makes a better wedding. Truly I think he messes with the bride and ruins her plans.

The only education this guy has about Phantom of the Opera is obviously the 2004 movie. Way to go Andrew Lloyd Webber Jr. *sarcastic sneer* He insisted that the bride and bridesmaids be dressed as if they were going to the Opera or a ball, not as if they were in Phantom of the Opera, or the Masquerade scene from Phantom of the Opera which is probably what the bride wished to go for.

The ceremony was pretty standardized, bride in the white dress, groom looked like Raoul (GROSS!), some of the bride's maid dresses were black, some were gold, they all had red roses, which is one of the things Mr. Tutera partially got right, considering he messed everything up, and had no education of the story of Phantom whatsoever.

He did an alright job with the reception. Basically he had centerpieces on the table to looked like a crashed chandelier, the cake had gold and roses, roses were all over the place (he was in love with the roses), he had some lighting and a little bit of smoke, but no phantom music and the only masks anyone wore were masquerade masks. He took the whole unpleasant parts of phantom (i.e. the hideously disfigured genius we all love that's the main character of the story) and wiped it out of the entire reception. The only awesome thing he did was send the wedding couple on a honeymoon to Las Vegas to stay at the venetian and see The Phantom of the Opera.

So there's my bitterness, my upsetment and discontent. I needed rolaids from Shawn near the show's end because I was so sick to my stomach with it. Phans not worth the watch, you will only want to hurt this guy.