Monday, October 3, 2011

October 2011-Sexy Phantom!

I really should make sure my sexy phantom titles follow the same format. Hopefully next month when I name November's sexy Phantom I'll remember that I want to have this month's title the official format for the monthly sexy phantoms.

Now that my babbling gibberish about how I should format the title is over and done with, this month's sexy Phantom is Ciaran Sheehan. Ciaran is one of the phantoms who has played both the role of Raoul and Phantom. What inspired me to name him as sexy phantom for October of 2011, was the fact that he made an appearance with Kimilee Bryant to the Phan gathering a week and a half ago. I figured since he took some time out to speak with some of the phans he automatically deserved the title and glory as well as the buckets of phan girl drool that come with the title of sexy phantom.

So ladies and men who aren't's our sexy phantom this month, Ciaran Sheehan!

This is Ciaran on the cover of his CD, I bought this CD at the phan gathering but haven't opened it yet.
This is how we prefer to see Ciaran as the sexy man this blog pays tribute to every month!