Monday, October 3, 2011

Phantom Burn Out!

Okay don't panic! I'm not suffering from phantom burn out, but sometimes people close to me are in danger of phantom burn out. The purpose of this blog entry will be to explain the tragedies of phantom burn out and how you can handle it

What exactly is Phantom Burn Out

Phantom Burn Out is a horrible experience, usually phans don't suffer from phantom burn out, but people close to a phan are the ones in danger. These unfortunate people at a certain point will have had *GASP* enough of Phantom after being exposed to phantom for a certain amount of time. Sometimes they'll be nice enough to inform their phan that they are suffering, some burn out victims may start avoiding you like the plague. If you're lucky the burn out victim will be okay and ready for more exposure once they've been semi-phantom free or have had limited phantom experience for a month or two.

What to do for your suffering loved one

If your loved one is suffering from Phantom burn out there are many things to do! If there's another phantom event coming up and they are going through burn out, you may extend the invitation to them to attend the event but if they decline, lean on another local fellow Phan, or another friend or relative that you know. If you wish to hear music or watch a DVD and you live with the burn out victim, by all means indulge yourself but do so with headphones. Make sure to do this especially if your co habitating burn out victim must see your phantom shrine every day, as this will most likely ensure your shrine stays up and unharmed. Don't forget the burn out victim under normal circumstances isn't privy to your thoughts so feel free to think about Phantom as much as you'd like. After some time the burn out victim should be okay and than it's time to drag them to more phantom events once they're fully recovered.

That ladies and gents is phantom burn out and how it should be handled.