Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Phantom of the Opera is possible!

This past weekend I attended back to back street fairs. While I was at the fair in Farmingdale, I wandered into the chocolate duck with Terry, Anabel and baby Vincent. Anabel asked the cashier if they had masquerade molds, he pointed out the correct aisle to her and she made quite a discovery. Half mask chocolate molds that I'm sure are definitely phantom of the opera based circa ALW. I immediately bought them along with some white chocolate chips so that I could experiment and hopefully make some phantom chocolate. I found out what to do in order to melt the chocolate pieces in order to fit them into the mold....then I suffered through the rest of the fair until I could get home and experiment with this new creation.
I got home, tore open the chocolate, did what I had to do and was very successful, making chocolate is ridiculously easy. The phantom of the opera chocolate came out so great, that I intend to make them for my job's Halloween fundraising bake sale at the end of this month, as well as making them to send out to some of my PHan PHriends for Christmas....only thing is now their Christmas present isn't a surprise if they read this entry.
Here's the step-by-step process along with photographic accompaniment so that you too may create Phantom of the Opera candy if you can get the mold
Step 1 - start by boiling water in a pot
Step 2 - obtain a bowl made of metal, any other metal object that can fit on top of the boiling pot of water is fine, there are also appliances made to melt chocolate pieces specifically I wouldn't invest unless you intend to make much chocolate though.
Step 3 - place bowl or desired metal object on top of the pot of boiling water, then pour the desired amount of chocolate pieces or chips into the bowl. Begin to stir chocolate as it starts to melt and take liquid form.
Step 4 - Once the chocolate is in hot liquid form pour it into the plastic molds, than place in the freezer for a few hours.
Step 5 - after the chocolate has frozen into the shape of the mold and is solid again remove the mold from the freezer. The chocolate pieces should easily pop out of the mold, leaving you with your chocolate creations, now phans can be very happy with Phantom of the Opera candy!